Custom Logo Design

If you have seen my videos, and would like me to work that kind of magic on your logo, then this is the option for you. I take on your brief to create 3-5 logo options. From here I allow for 2 rounds of amendments to tweak your preferred option into the logo that’s perfect for your business.

What’s included?
• 3-5 logo concepts
• Includes 2 rounds of amendments
• Final logo supplied for screen & print


Brand Identity Design

A brand identity design goes deeper than just the logo design. I will portray the full vibe of your business. Looking at typography, colour, imagery, layout and logo usage to create a guide that can be used to ensure 100% brand consistency for the future. Perfect for startups or branding your new offering.

What’s included?
• 3-5 logo concepts & brand boards
• Three rounds of amendments
• Business card design
• Presentation deck template
• Final logo supplied for screen & print
• Brand Identity Guideline PDF


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Please provide as much information as possible about your business, your target audience and your key objectives. The more I understand your company and goals, the better the outcome. If you want to send any existing branding through please e-mail it to
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